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Sep 10 2018

Back to school with Asmen – Tipsa Valencia

The return to school has always been characterized by the beginning of the smallest course. However, its meaning is also applicable to all students who return to university, including workers returning from their vacations. Anyway, what is certain is that September is a month marked by the return to the routine. And, as a result, it is also a month remembered for the famous “September slope”. An expensive month from the economic point of view, which affects the family economy.

How to save on back to school

In September, the children reunite with their classmates and their teachers, while the parents do so with the bills and expenses of school supplies, textbooks, backpacks or clothes.

According to the study carried out by the price comparison platform, the average cost of a new course in Spain is € 869, although prices vary by region. That is why more and more, parents opt for the online purchase of textbooks.

According to a survey conducted by Amazon, “65% of Spanish parents already buy online textbooks“, a very high percentage. An increasingly common habit, which is growing year after year. Discounts, ease of purchase and quick delivery are the main factors for which parents are inclined to buy online.

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