transporte en frío valencia
Jan 30 2018

Cold transport of vaccines

The specialized cold transport division of Asmen, Transfrías, has carried out hundreds of urgent services during the month of January. the company Asmen has vehicles that meet the most stringent regulations in this area. Being one of the few companies in Spain approved to perform services with such precision.

Specifically, the pharmaceutical sector requires special attention to controlled temperature and light protection. Since it is crucial to maintain the cold chain throughout the transport process, storage and subsequent storage to ensure the success of the vaccine.

Thus, the priorities of cold transport can be summarized in:

Comply with the recommendations of the manufacturing laboratory.
Maintain the stable temperature indicated throughout the journey.
Record transport data to ensure maximum security. We talk about place of departure, destination, type of vaccines, etc.

Transfrías, cold transport urgent 24 hours

We highlight one of the many express services that we carry out during this month. We execute all the logistics operations of collection and delivery of vaccines from Barcelona to Seville. The particularity of this type of transport is that the temperature must be constant and the cold chain must not be broken at any time.

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