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Apr 25 2019

Refrigerated food transport and its legislation

Being able to have the food product you like regardless of the season or area where you live? This is achieved with refrigerated food transport. The needs and desires of customers make services such as Transfrías develop, our impulse to refrigerated transport. Each food that is transported has specific requirements to consider, regardless of the destination.

We have previously explained the consequences of breaking the so-called “cold chain”. Here, the refrigeration systems that transport has are responsible for keeping food intact when they arrive at the customer. But there are also other requirements at the legislative level that should be known, to maintain the trust of our customers with a service that meets the highest expectations.

Legislation for Refrigerated Food Transportation

Fruits, fish, milk, yogurts and meat are an example of the thousands of foods that need refrigeration and also legislation. Who takes care of her?

The document “Agreement on International Transport of Perishable Goods” or ATP. It was signed in Geneva in 1970 to ensure that food reaches the final consumer in the right conditions. What are the products included in this refrigerated food transportation legislation? It must be taken into account that prepared dishes are not considered perishable goods under the ATP agreement. That is, they are exempt from the obligation to be transported in these types of vehicles. But we will list those that are included:

  • Ice creams –20ºC
  • Fish, molluscs, frozen or deep-frozen crustaceans –18ºC
  • Frozen products –18ºC
  • Frozen Butter –10ºC
  • Other frozen products –12ºC
  • Red offal + 3ºC
  • Butter + 6ºC
  • Hunting Products + 4ºC
  • Milk in tanks + 4ºC
  • Industrial milk + 6ºC
  • Refrigerated dairy products + 4ºC
  • Fish, molluscs and crustaceans on melting ice or at melting ice temperature
  • Meat and meat preparations (except red offal) + 7ºC
  • Birds and rabbits + 4ºC

Also bring refrigeration to your home

For your understanding, Transfrías is the specific transport of Asmen for refrigeration. He specializes in direct services with controlled temperature, covering the entire national territory with a positioning margin for the maximum load of 2 hours. It has something indispensable and differentiating; an emergency service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For Asmen there is no cold barrier. Wherever and however, it will solve the needs of its customers.

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