Transporte refrigerado
Aug 07 2017

Refrigerated transport in Valencia

People are the result of their tastes and preferences, they act according to what they want. Who does not want to eat an ice cream in the middle of winter? Does a person living in a very hot area have no right to drink something cold from another? The need to satisfy our customers is the impulse that has led Asmen to have a refrigerated transport: Transfrías.

Each food needs its temperature, and this must be taken into account, especially when they have to be transported from one place to another.

Refrigeration systems in transport ensure that chilled or frozen food is kept at the proper temperature throughout the process. With the cold chain is not played. It must be kept intact from the manufacturer, to the final consumer.

When you think about refrigerated foods, you fall into the topic of thinking about ice, ice cream and frozen food, but the truth is that most of the foods that we consume daily, need this means of transport.

Fruits, fish, milk, yoghurts and meat are an example of the thousands of foods that need refrigeration. What would be of our diet without these?

But, we do not just talk about food. Flowers, plants and some medicines also need this cold chain.

Asmen brings refrigeration to your home

Transfrías is Asmen’s specific transport for refrigeration. It is a specialist in direct services with controlled temperature, covering the entire national territory with a positioning margin for the maximum load of 2 hours. It has something indispensable and differentiating; an emergency service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For Asmen there is no cold barrier. Wherever and how, it will solve the needs of its customers.

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