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Jul 25 2018

Cold transport, intelligent line

Maintaining the cold chain during the transport of some products is a process that requires special needs. Certain foods or medications need to maintain a certain temperature throughout the course to maintain their properties. In this post, we inform you about how an adequate cold transport is carried out.

Transfrías: vehicles for cold transport

Transfrías is Asmen’s specific cold transport and logistics division. That has adapted vehicles to maintain the temperature that the merchandise requires. This type of trucks have special characteristics that guarantee temperature stability throughout the entire journey. And, in addition, this transport not only requires an adapted fleet, but must comply with the strictest delivery times.

The vehicles destined to the transport and cold logistics, are built with anticorrosive materials, that guarantee the impermeability and hermeticity. Also, the communication between the driver’s cabin and the cargo cabin is isolated to avoid temperature changes. In the same way there must be a protocol to avoid a destabilization of the controlled environment.

The importance of maintaining the cold chain

The good management and control of each of the transport processes of this type of goods are crucial to arrive with the relevant guarantees to the final consumer.

Operations must be carried out quickly to avoid variation in product temperature. In addition, it is necessary that they be moved with the necessary measures that guarantee the minimum contact with the outside temperature. The use of thermal and hermetic elements is essential for loading and unloading operations.
Also, incorporate the protocol as soon as it leaves its place of origin or leaves the refrigerated truck. The product will be included in an airtight box. This will allow to prevent environmental alterations during the transport route in hand.
The doors of the truck must remain open for the minimum possible time, thus avoiding contact with the external temperature.
You can transport elements of different characteristics. For this, it will be necessary to take into account if the temperatures are compatible and that the contact between them does not produce any alteration in the other.

What is the smart line?

We call the specialized logistics and cold transport service intelligent line for all types of products with this need. The company Asmen has a large division of approved trucks, conditioned and able to transport critical goods in very cold temperatures. With this service it is guaranteed to maintain the cold chain during the whole process of shipment, conservation and storage.

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