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Feb 13 2019

Logistics trends for Valencia – 2019

As with e-commerce, the different circumstances presented by the new year lead transport companies in Valencia to urgently find new ways to implement efficient and flexible logistics planning.

The digital transformation in logistics companies

The key piece to face this panorama of progress will be the transformation processes that entail logistic digitalization. That is why in Interempresas, they have highlighted 5 trends in logistics that will revolutionize courier companies in Valencia:

  1. More devices connected. It is estimated that there are 25,000 million devices connected to the Internet worldwide. Messaging is one of the most lagging sectors when executing the digital transformation. Given this number of devices that can be searched by courier companies in Valencia, the connection with logistics is essential.
  2. Artificial Intelligence. The data analysis will be crucial for the next year, managing for example delivery notes or quality controls thanks to machine learning.
  3. Automation. Automated robots are increasingly common in the supply chain for logistics operations. These elements replace other machines, such as the forklift, reducing physical effort and increasing efficiency.
  4. Blockchain. The implementation of this technology will save a lot of time for manufacturers, chargers, customers, suppliers and auditors. It is a secure solution to access information, which cannot be modified and can be accessed by all the actors involved. Without a doubt, it is one of the main trends in logistics and other sectors. Although its use is around 20%, an increase is expected throughout the year in its implementation.
  5. Application programming interface (API). The use of APIs facilitates the transmission of information collected by logistics employees through connected devices. And these, in turn, transmit it to external collaborators. Integration is the core of these applications, being able to work with any management platform, control panel or software that the logistics company is using.

Asmen-Tipsa Valencia joins logistics trends

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