Transporte con temperatura controlada
Feb 19 2018

The temperature controlled in special transports

The temperature controlled in transport is a service increasingly demanded in different sectors. For this reason, Asmen has a specific transport division to meet these needs: Transfrías. It is a leading service for personalized attention and 24-hour emergency service. The good reception of the service and the satisfaction of the customers who need it almost daily, has made Asmen, today, a logistic reference at national level.

In cold transport, there are many variables that intervene and the characteristics that it requires. Although the fundamental thing to treat goods in cold is the speed and the precision.

Ad hoc logistics is the great value that Asmen brings to its customers. For transporting goods that need a particular temperature from one point to another does not have any complications. The really rewarding thing is to carry out large logistics operations that have to leave from different parts of Spain and reach others in a very specific time. Always with the guarantee of not breaking the cold chain. It remains intact during production, transportation, storage and sale. We are aware that transport is crucial: maintaining the cold chain is key to food security.

Sectors that require controlled temperature

Asmen’s facilities are perfectly equipped and meet the most stringent quality requirements. That is why hundreds of clients trust and work with Asmen. From the health sector, to transport pharmaceutical material, to the food sector, in which perishable products are transported. You can get more information about temperature controlled transport service here.

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