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transporte en frio

Cold transport, intelligent line

Maintaining the cold chain during the transport of some products is a process that requires special needs. Certain foods or medications need to maintain a certain temperature throughout the course...

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Garantía del servicio Asmen

The Asmen service guarantee

The Asmen service guarantee is one of the highest in the logistics market. It is a company that has been adapting to the environment and needs of its customers. We...

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transporte en frío valencia

Cold transport of vaccines

The specialized cold transport division of Asmen, Transfrías, has carried out hundreds of urgent services during the month of January. the company Asmen has vehicles that meet the most stringent...

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transporte en frío

How is Asmen’s Cold Transport?

Emergency Transport in Spain is one of the last services incorporated in Asmen. This fleet specialized in refrigerated transport, under the name Transfrías, is active and available 24 hours a...

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