Aug 19 2019

What did Steve Jobs contribute to logistics?

Apple’s logistics and supply chain is considered one of the most efficient in the world. The core of its operation is the search for supply anywhere: strategy, segmentation, product design, processes or customer satisfaction.

Logistics beyond marketing

Is your success the result of luck? Its trajectory in its marketing and advertising strategies is known to all, but this does not have to translate into an avant-garde management of its supply chain. On a practical level, many professionals believe that Apple’s model is exemplary thanks to its logistics management operating system (software) as the best kept secret of the leading company in the market.

Despite the death of its charismatic leader, Steve Jobs, the Harvard Business Review magazine published an article that read the following: “The real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs.” The author (who wrote his best-selling biography) was able to identify the professional methodology and good practices that are of interest for its logistics application.

7 logistic tips from Steve Jobs

  1. First the customer, second the cost. The philosophy is to pursue differentiation through a value proposition. If all the logistics are articulated in coherence with the strategy, the effectiveness and success come by default. When Steve Jobs left the company for a short time, the cost strategy almost led Apple to its extinction.
  2. Set impossible goals. The insistence and pressure on its suppliers allowed Jobs to achieve findings such as the first Gorilla Glass screen. The supply chain needs clear indications and a close view of the challenges.
  3. Take action Jobs summarized the product ranges in just 4: consumer, pro, desktop and portable. Segmentation simplifies logistics and thus established priorities for strategic actions.
  4. Have process vision. Technological advances and the shopping experience are strongly linked. If everything is plotted and integrated, consistent and shared objectives can be marked among all ranges.
  5. Simplify the product or process. Apple’s first copy said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Applied to logistics, we understand it as eliminating unnecessary components of the chain. That is, reduce inventories and make production processes easier.
  6. Radical change? Yes, when I touch. The iPod was a revolution for the music industry. But the fear that they would do the same on the phones led them to develop the iPhone. Sometimes a radical change may be required if the external context requires it.
  7. People need to see each other. Jobs was passionate about long meetings. A large project does not close only by email. His experience as a professional of persuasion and strategist reaffirms that human beings need personal contact.

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