One of our most demanded services by courier and transport companies is Cold Chain Transportation. We have a fleet specialised in refrigerated transport which is active and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Temperature controlled transport is an ad hoc logistics service, meaning it is a transport service tailored to each client, complying with the established time. Asmen’s refrigerated transport fleet covers the whole national territory, taking special care not to break the cold chain.

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Do you need to carry out a shipment maintaining the cold chain?

Food sometimes needs to be kept at a temperature of less than -18ºC so as not to break the cold chain. The temperature must remain constant. But what would happen if the cold chain was broken? In the case of breaking the cold chain, the structure of the food could be left exposed to bacterial attacks that accelerate its decomposition and dehydration, even making it harmful for human consumption. Asmen is a responsible company, conscious of the importance of the cold chain. Therefore, when transporting food or medication, we rely on our own team.