Saturday deliveries

Additional Saturday delivery service for shipments dispatched on Fridays.


Express service (parcel delivery and courier service) for shipments with a pick-uprequest at an address differing from that of the client and subsequent delivery in their facilities. Delivery to the client according to the requested service (10am or 2pm).


Additional delivery service with collectionmanagement at the destination of the established value against delivery of the merchandise. Weekly refund of received amounts and shipment settlementinformation.

Payment of freight costs

Additional delivery service with freight costs charged at the destination. Please inform yourself of prices with the TIPSA delegation in the country of origin.


Complementary service for shipments that require specific management services at thedestination(processes, official body management, holding,etc.).

Return delivery

Delivery service at the destination with a simultaneous merchandise collection order for returning to the sender.

Cross shipment

Courier and parcel delivery service linking two towns or origins that are different from the client’s address, to be charged to their account.

Acknowledgement of receipt

Additional service of the return of the dispatch note to the client sending the shipment. Delivery of a physical copy, scan and digitalised tracking document, accessible via the website.

Delegation Pick-up

Shipment service to a Tipsa delegation, with the merchandise being picked upby a recipient authorised by the client. Delivery available duringagency opening hours.

Local courier service

Various options for immediate local services, carried out by motorbike and van.

Immediate direct

Immediate link service with maximum urgency level by a vehicle allocated depending on the action requested.


Merchandise storage, handling and management logistics options. Logistics page

Temperature controlled transport

Cold chain transportation solution for food products and medication, among others. Delivery with controlled temperature to maintain the cold chain. Transfrías


Packaging boxes, Packaging for the shipment of bottles, Multiple envelopes, Cardboard envelopes (Documents) and Valijas.