The courier service in Valencia offers an immediate pick-up and/or delivery service in the city of Valencia and the outskirts, carried out exclusively at the customer’s request. Our couriers, duly uniformed and identified, are coordinated by the Traffic department, which is in charge of assigning the services in an optimal and efficient way, as well as communicating any issue related to the delivery or pick-up to the client (absence of the recipient, incorrect address…) with the aim of resolving it immediately.


Preferential service for delivery before 10am to towns with TIPSA delegation. Other towns have an additional margin of 1 minute per kilometre of distance from the distribution agency.


Express service for delivery before 2pm to the capital and major cities of the peninsula (TIPSA delegations). Other towns have a morning or evening timetable delivery, depending on the route, 8pm being the latest delivery time.


Economy delivery service in 24 hours (maximum 2 working days) to any point in the national peninsula territory.

Large shipment 48/72 hours

Semi-express delivery service for large shipments of campaigns or promotions, advertising campaigns, direct marketing, etc., for delivery within 72 hours of the day following dispatch. Valid for a minimum of 50 shipments dispatched on the same day, from the same origin, for the same client.


Fixed delivery service arranged between two points through a continuous round-trip circuit. Different daily or alternating frequencies. Timetable and specific operation arrangement depending on destinations.

Prepaid envelopes

Consists of prior sale, as an advancement of shipment bills, of a Pack of 50 envelopes under a reduced price, such as the 2pm service.

Parcel shipments to special destinations

Shipments to Portugal

Express delivery service (parcel delivery and courier service) to all Portuguese territory between 24 and 72 hours, depending on destinations (except Madeira and the Azores).

Shipments to Andorra

Express parcel delivery and courier service to any point of the Principality of Andorra.

Shipments to the Balearic Islands

– Express Balearic Islands service: Express delivery services to Balearic Island destinations within 24 hours (larger islands) and 48 hours (smaller islands).

-Balearic Island cargo service: Semi-express cargo delivery service between 48 and 96 hours to Balearic Island destinations.

Shipments to the Canary Islands

-Express Canary Islands service: Express delivery services to Canary Island destinations within 24 hours (larger islands) and 48 hours (smaller islands).
– Canary Islands cargo service: Semi-express aerial cargo delivery service between 48 and 96 hours to Canary Island destinations. Minimum 10 kilograms per shipment.
– MR-Marítimo Canary Islands service: Less urgent economic delivery service suitable for medium and large parcel delivery. Sea freight with delivery times of between 5 and 8 days.

Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla

Express courier service to areas of Ceuta and Melilla within 24 hours (documents). Samples between 48 and 72 hours depending on customs processing.

International shipments

– International Air shipment. Express shipments of documents and parcels by air with global coverage.
– Eurotipsa Road. Semi-express overland shipment of documents and parcels to towns in the European Economic Community.
– Europaq. E-commerce shipments to towns in the European Economic Community.