At Asmen, we know that there are complex logistics projects and critical situations that require an expresscourier servicewhich isconsidered extremely special due toitsurgency. CRITICAL SERVICE is Asmen’s integral solution for critical transport and logistics needs that, due to their urgency, size, weight, value, danger or special project, need highly accurate and 100% dedicated teams, resources, processes and solutions.


CRITICAL SERVICE relies on the infrastructure and technical and professional team, available 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year, so that, whatever the need is, it delivers logistics solutions with full efficiency.


1.National Coverage
Serviço de entrega urgente (encomendas e correio) paratodo o território português entre 24 e 72 horas, em função dos destinos (exceto Madeira e Açores).


2.Dedicated light vehicle
With or without controlled temperature.
Exclusively for the customer.
Door to door delivery, without stops on the way to the destination.


3.One single contactnationwide
The client has a single contact at their disposalfor the management and controlof all services nationwide.


4.Immediate delivery confirmation
Our contactcommunicates the delivery and finalisationof the service to the client in real-time.