los Reyes Magos
Jan 02 2018

The Wise men are coming

Is there anything more exciting than watching your children open the gifts of the Magi? The illusion of a child is priceless. That is why, in Asmen – Tipsa Valencia we help you to have everything prepared.

Still have not been able to do the shopping? Is the product sold out? Melchior, Gaspar and Balthassar are on their way. So make your purchase through the Internet and our Asmen – Tipsa courier service in Valencia and around brings you home.

Your illusions, on time

One of the most recognized identity signs of Asmen – Tipsa Valencia: delivery on time. Thanks to a perfect coordination between the Traffic Department and the messenger team, each package arrives at its destination at the desired time. This is how, day after day, we have managed to earn the trust of all our customers.

For individuals and for companies, one of the main advantages of our service is the collection and immediate delivery. So do not be overwhelmed with last minute purchases. Count on us and inform yourself.

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