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Aug 05 2019

The last mile cast measures its quality

Today, ecommerce evolves by leaps and bounds and its measurement is constant. A new survey of the Asmen-TIPSA express transport company and the eCommerce Observatory has revealed very interesting data about its quality. One of its star products is the last mile cast, but how is its quality valued?

The quality of the last mile cast in e-commerce

The data thrown by the express courier company in Valencia affirm that 89% of the electronic stores in Spain care about the logistics operator. The ecommerce catalogs it as very important to be able to build customer loyalty. Within this section, 72% importance goes to shipping costs and 67% to follow up. In the survey carried out by the express parcel provider in Valencia, Spanish companies that use online sales have participated. The satisfaction assessment shows that less than half are satisfied with their logistics provider (46%). 43% place it as acceptable and 20% feel dissatisfied or very dissatisfied about their current service.

Value for money for everyone

The relationship between the delivery service and its cost is the holy grail of logistics at the service of ecommerce. Most respondents prefer that the balance be balanced, that is, quality and price at the same level. However, 17% value aspiring to the highest possible quality even if it increases costs. In the opposite case, 9% prefer to reduce costs even if the quality decreases. In the last mile deal, losing a customer for shipping costs has a very low probability (59%). This may occur because 19% of e-commerce assumes shipping costs. On this data, Antonio Fueyo affirms the following:

“… after a few years in which part of the sector opted for‘ low cost ‘services, the last mile is focusing, again, on quality and added value. “

In Asmen we are constantly evolving and adapt to the needs of our customers, offering all kinds of logistics solutions:

We offer the possibility of storing your merchandise in our warehouses, with all the advantages that this entails.
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