Aug 02 2017

The President of Asmen, Luis Frías, in the magazine Valencia Plaza

The President of Asmen, Luis Frías, gives an interview in the magazine Valencia Plaza. It talks about the future of the E-commerce business in Spain and its evolution. As well as international alliances to carry out shipments to other countries at national prices.

“E-commerce in Spain still has a long way to go”

This is how the interview with Luis Frías is titled in the magazine Valencia Plaza. Asmen – Tipsa Valencia is a benchmark in the national express courier sector. But without a doubt, what characterizes this company is that it knew how to evolve and move towards a more global and technological world.

The irruption of the Internet changed the messaging model, changing from a traditional model to a faster and different one. Asmen took advantage of this business opportunity with effort and professionalism. As of today, it has more than 600 clients throughout Europe. The most outstanding competitive advantage of this company, without a doubt, is the personalization of the service. Its logistics is always adapted and covers the needs that the client demands.

 You make the purchase, Asmen takes it to you

Asmen takes care of the whole process. From the positioning of the product website to the collection of the same, in all the countries of the destination. Encompassing the phases of the call center of reception of orders, storage, stock control, selection or purchase of orders.

All this process is possible thanks to international partners, who break the biggest handicap of E-commerce. With Asmen, the high cost of an international shipment is no longer a problem. Since the partners act as logistic operators and allow to offer a local shipping price in international destinations. As Asmen – Tipsa Valencia is the welfare of its customers.

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