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Aug 27 2019

The occupation grows and the unemployment in logistics and transport in Valencia decreases

Curious the news that we bring you this week: the active population in transport and storage decreases. This corresponds to the period of months between April and June, which has allowed the number of unemployed to decrease. For the benefit, they obviously increase the employed and salaried population. The number of unemployed in logistics and transport in Valencia has fallen by 0.61% quarterly. In total we are talking about more than one million people (1,024,000 employed) and a growth of 4.33%. The data is provided as always by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), confirming that this quarter has grown by 0.23%.

However, last year logistics and transportation in Valencia had a total of 60,300 unemployed, which are 13% less than what we took in 2019.

How does the occupation in logistics and transport in Valencia behave?

The survey of active population has revealed that land transport activity reaches 619,300 occupied. Especially interesting is the data of maritime transport in the Valencian Community, with 22,700 employed (21.39% more). The least noticeable continues to be air transport, despite suffering an increase to 15.16% and 50,900 people. But its rate is down at a rate of 1.36% the quarter. Postal and courier activities also suffer an increase in the annual calculation (16.39%), reaching 113,600 people. However, its trend is also downward at rates of almost 4% per quarter.

Employees according to their activity

The overall calculation offered by the INE in this second quarter of 2019 indicates the following results:

  1. Transportation and general storage. 742,600 employees. It rises 5.11% compared to 2018. It increases 2.23% in the first quarter.
  2. Ground transportation. 434,000 employees. Increase 8.61% compared to 2018. Increase 1.27% in the first quarter.
  3. Marine transport. 21,300 employees. It rises 16.39% compared to 2018. It increases 2.9% in the first quarter.
  4. Air Transport. 50,300 employees. It rises 0.6% compared to 2018. It increases 18.07% in the first quarter.
  5. Storage and activities attached to transport. 190,400 employees. It rises 5.11% compared to 2018. It increases 2.23% in the first quarter.
  6. Postal and mail activities. 46,700 employees. Up 14.74% compared to 2018. Increase 7.71% in the first quarter.
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