Jun 27 2019

Outsourcing for your Ecommerce: outsource your processes

What is outsourcing? Why is it so popular? Outsourcing is the anglicism designated for process outsourcing. These processes can be of a very varied nature, but we will tell you their advantages in logistics processes.

Outsource your processes with outsourcing

Many of our clients already opt for the outsourcing of logistics processes nationwide for the many advantages it offers: reduction of personnel costs, disposal of warehouses, conversion of fixed costs into variables, reduction of time in processes … etc. Our proposal allows us to go beyond and extrapolate all the advantages of outsourcing at an international level, including all services in the shipping prices.

Advantages of logistics outsourcing

  • It provides greater flexibility. Getting an increase of up to 27.12%.
  • Transforms fixed costs into variables. Increase your profit by 21.80%.
  • Help you focus on your main activity. Leave the logistics process in the hands of a logistics professional. So your head will be ready and focused on your main activity, improving 18.11%.
  • It improves productivity by 11.17%.
  • It also improves the quality of the process and its results.
  • It is easier to start projects and start new adventures.

Ad-hoc solution for your company

If you want to configure the logistics outsourcing solution that suits you, you can contact us here and start improving your processes. We are an urgent courier, parcel and logistics company in Valencia, but we are much more than transportation. We are your ally to grow.

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