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Jul 18 2017

The revolution of business E-commerce

The E-commerce or electronic business has changed our lives, saving us time and money and offering us a bigger comfort, because with only one click we can buy any product.

In this model of business, the importances of good treatment with the costumers at the point of sale are in the good logistic and delivery of the package in the time and the correct destination. In this point, more of the companies are wrong because they are giving more importance to selling a lot of products than to the quality of the deal with the customer.

The distribution has changed

At Asmen we have created an exclusive national and international E-commerce, dedicated to all the business that sells through the Internet. Our goal is to help our customers to establish their products on international markets through E-commerce, and to be able to offer a international service to local price, we have Partners in different countries that act as logistics operators.

With our complete structure, our costumers only have to worry about their product. We offer:

  • Transportation and express delivery
  • National and international
  • Cold transport
  • Warehouse and stock control
  • Cal center for collecting and consulting orders.
  • Collection service on delivery
  • Ad-hoc logistics design
  • Special transportation
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