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Apr 18 2019

Is the same courier as parcel?

When you consider hiring services among courier companies in Valencia, you may have asked what kind of service to hire. Courier or parcel? They are the same? Let’s answer it!

Whenever a shipment is made, different elements are taken into account such as the degree of urgency of the same or if transport and handling have special needs. In addition, the type of package and the number of units will determine the service to be hired. From something small like a document to a large package. Everything affects the necessary vehicle, its delivery conditions and how carriers will work with it to give you the best quality you need.

What to order courier companies in Valencia

Courier services include the transport of packages of reduced volume and weight from one location to another. As a general rule, shipments are divided into a single package or “envelope” that must be delivered to the recipient’s location. This includes documents, letters or even small boxes that do not compromise too much space. The most normal thing is that both individuals and companies turn to Valencia couriers to deliver an urgent package on time.

Valencia Package – What is it?

The parcel service also involves shipments of goods from a point A to a point B, but without the size restriction. It is the opposite end. Deliveries of shipments with a greater volume, weight, and number of units. In short, greater complexity in the service requirements. Parcel delivery companies in Valencia must present a capacity to transport large goods. Even having specialized machines for handling this type of packages. In the case of Asmen? We go one step further: a comprehensive logistics service.

Asmen, your transport agency and also logistics

Asmen is part of the Tipsa network, which allows you to deliver throughout the Spanish and insular territory. Abroad, we also have other collaborating companies that allow us to serve in European countries.

Our second large area of ​​activity focuses on integral logistics. We have perfectly equipped facilities to adapt to the needs of each client. We offer the following advantages:

• Possibility of storing merchandise in our warehouses.

• Small external stores to manage products.

• Marketing stores from which to execute direct marketing actions.

• Warehouses for the management and preparation of online sales order.

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