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Feb 15 2017

Messaging: international shipping at local price

When we talk about purchases through the Internet, we talk about international shipments. And in these cases it is essential that the product is delivered in form and time. Therefore, Asmen offers an E-commerce service to manage purchases over the Internet.

E-commerce: international shipments

International shipments are transfers of products or materials to other countries, either in Europe or other continents. The companies dedicated to the import and export of products usually resort to companies of courier and transport, as it is Asmen.

Professional courier companies move large quantities of product so that vehicles trained for this service are needed. And depending on the destination of the package, you opt for a means of transport or another (boat, truck, plane, train, van …).

The possibility of making an urgent shipment is also contemplated. This slightly increases the cost of the courier service, but saves a lot of time since it is normally delivered on the same day.

Your E-commerce in Valencia

Asmen Valencia manages your urgent delivery and assures you privacy and security conditions that online stores do not usually guarantee. In addition, E-commerce usually have insurance that is responsible for losses and compensates users. In this way, it is much simpler and more affordable to buy online.

It is noteworthy that in international shipments, postage is borne by the buyer and not the company. So Asmen offers an international courier service at local courier prices.

In this case, the seller of the product itself, just have to make sure to hire a professional transport agency and be committed to the delivery deadlines. A courier company that takes seriously the entire shipping process. So that the package is delivered in good condition.

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