Comercio electrónico
Oct 10 2017

Technology applied to electronic commerce

E-commerce is a booming business, located in the spotlight of technology. And, precisely, of that we want to speak today, of the technologies that are already being applied to many areas and sectors.

Improve your Internet business

Does e-mail marketing sound like? I’m sure you’ve been told about him once. It has been used for years to capture the attention of customers through personalization and closeness. It is expected that in 2018, 500 billion dollars of revenues from E-commerce will be attributable to e-mail marketing. And is that the use of technology applied to electronic commerce can be our best ally.

Another tool on the rise is Facebook Messenger chatbots. The optimization of Social Media strategies has revolutionized communication between the brand and customers. Currently, it is committed to personalized conversations, one on one and live.

Finally, virtual reality is expected to extend to multiple businesses. A great step for E-commerce since it makes the user experience 100% real.

Selling and buying online requires opening multiple channels of customer service and communication, as well as customizing each message. We always hear that technology changes our lives, why not let our way of consuming change also? And it is a fact. If E-commerce makes our life easier, welcome.

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