Garantía del servicio Asmen
Feb 15 2018

The Asmen service guarantee

The Asmen service guarantee is one of the highest in the logistics market. It is a company that has been adapting to the environment and needs of its customers. We are talking about a company that has been growing for more than 20 years and has managed to overcome different crises. It has gone from being a small local courier company to becoming a national logistic reference. Of course, always without forgetting its essence: the urgent courier and parcel service.

This growth has gone by incorporating new services that have been accepted by customers with great success. One of them, and more requested, is a special transport: cold transport.

The President of Asmen, Luis Frías, affirms that the greatest enemy in this type of operations is always time. “For us one minute is very important, especially in transport with temperature controlled.” So much so, that a slight delay can be a significant loss for the customer, so Asmen is 100% involved since it expresses its need.

The guarantee of the services that Asmen offers

As Frías states: “Business intelligence is about knowing what a good one is”. For this reason, Asmen is not a company focused on hyperspecialization, but its objective is to offer a range of very optimal quality in the service to solve the fastest and most effective way everything with the client needs. It does not offer thousands of services, only those that can be compromised and that truly add value. This is the good way to generate a plus.

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