Flota de grúas
Nov 28 2017

Asmen’s fleet of cranes

In Asmen we have a fleet of cranes destined to perform urgent and direct services. Proof of this, are the innumerable services we have done during this month of November.

We have moved business vehicles from Barcelona to almost all the provinces of Spain. Because we have a great commitment to the needs and times of our customers.

Ad hoc logistics

How do you achieve these objectives? A fast and efficient service is only possible with an ad hoc logistics. That is, a logistics designed exclusively for that particular need and moment. This is the main advantage that characterizes Asmen as a company.

While transport services are usually static, in Asmen we have created all our services from the experience and demand of customers. We constantly evolve to keep ourselves updated in a highly changing sector.

As our claim says, we work every day to gain the trust of our clients. Count on us whenever you need it.

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