Mar 12 2017

The human factor in messenger services

In a messenger service the human factor is fundamental because, although it is not the most visible part, it is in charge of the collection, transport and delivery of the packages.

The human factor in Asmen

At Asmen we have a professional, experienced and highly prepared team for the development of this work:

  • Qualification required. Both the handling of certain transports and the handling of packages.
  • Custormer handling skills. The messenger is the only person who directly deals with the costumer, so each messenger receives training in the business values ​​and services of Asmen.
  • Appropriate and personalized treatment. This implies attending all the client’s requests to offer the best possible service.
  • Proximity, professionalism and speed. Proximity to offer a direct treat with the customer, professionalism to manage the shipments assuming all the responsibilities, and speed for the shipment to arrive as soon as possible.
  • Provision of advice on budgetary or techniques, always guaranteeing what is best for the client.
  • Fidelity. That is generated between the messenger company and the customer.
  • A manager, a customer. At Asmen each client has a manager who knows their needs perfectly, thus facilitating day-to-day work and saving time.
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