Dec 27 2017

If you like to ski, this is your moment

What is a Christmas without cold or without snow? We all have family and friends who love to ski. And it is a fun sport, complete and, above all, very Christmas.

Organizing a family trip with so much luggage can be very chaotic. But do not think you can not do it. You can still choose your favorite ski slope and stay at a hotel because we take care of the luggage.

To ski, plan your trip with Asmen

It is very common that if you ski only once, rent the complete equipment on the track. However, as good skiers know, there’s nothing like skiing with your own team. For this reason, we have developed a luggage delivery service with the following advantages:

– In a maximum of 24 hours your luggage will arrive at your destination.

– No risk of loss, since we collect and deliver it personally.

– The cost of the service varies according to the weight of the luggage.

With Asmen you will travel light and without any worries. You are still thinking it? We invite you to inform yourself!

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