Errores del E-commerce
Oct 16 2017

The most common errors of E-commerce

The beginnings are always difficult, and in the online world, it was not going to be different. There are some classic mistakes that you can avoid so that your business can go from strength to strength.

What you should NOT do in your business

1. Choose the wrong platform. If this is the first time you put an online sales business, you must first investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the platforms. You must assess the features that best suit your online business.

2. Do not invest in promoting the online store. Without dissemination and promotion, your store will not receive traffic, visits, or sales.

3. Use a poor design or a bad quality logo. There will be many stores that offer the same as your business. Therefore, we have to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and get the attention of our customers.

4. Do not use reviews or encourage feedback between client – company. In the online medium, it is essential to know the opinion of the user. A very important aspect in your purchase decision.

5. Web confusing. The website has to be in tune and easy to understand, otherwise it will repel customers.

6. Use elements that provide confidence. In online stores, products can not be touched, for this reason, all possible data is needed, such as: contact information, return policy, etc. This will ensure that despite not being a tangible purchase, the customer trusts.

7. You do not have to want to cover too much. It is not necessary to be present in all social networks. You just have to worry about appearing in those where your target audience is day to day.

8. Do not give up soon. It is a difficult business, but not impossible. It only takes energy and time to have a good idea and create a product, we take care of the rest!

Remember that if you follow these points, you will be closer to achieving success in online sales. In addition, you will have certain advantages over competitors that do not take these recommendations into account.

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