Envíos de Navidad
Nov 23 2017

Plan your Christmas shipments with Asmen – Tipsa Valencia

Organize your Christmas shipments as soon as possible and forget about the stress of last-minute purchases. We are still finishing the month of November, but when we least expect it, winter will have arrived.

We see Christmas decoration in shop windows and shopping centers. Nougat in the supermarket and advertisements for toys on television. We are not getting ahead … Christmas is here!

On many occasions, many companies do not ensure the delivery of the order during these dates. But in Asmen – Tipsa Valencia we have a great commitment to it and we ensure your delivery.

Be comfortable and fast and organize all your shipments. Both for companies, as for individuals.

Shipping for companies with Asmen – Tipsa Valencia

In the case of companies or institutions, many of them have details with their clients on these dates. If this is your case, you can already search the Internet to arrive as soon as possible and have everything prepared. Our immediate collection and delivery service will allow all your customers to receive your detail in a professional and close way. You do not have to take care of anything.

Shipping for individuals with Asmen – Tipsa Valencia

During these dates we want to be with our loved ones and there are many of us who have them in another part of Spain. Whether for work or study, what better to show our affection through a shipment.

Get in touch with us and tell us your needs. We will solve them in the best possible way.

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