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Aug 21 2018

Control your urgent shipment with Asmen – Tipsa Valencia

Urgent delivery, a service increasingly demanded

Currently, there are many companies that offer an express delivery service in Valencia, however, few are the clients that receive a complete and professional service. In Asmen – Tipsa Valencia we have an infrastructure that allows us to cover the most urgent needs of our customers. An adequate price, with exceptional quality.

Urgent messaging for companies and individuals

We work daily both with companies that need to transport large quantities of product, even with individuals who have an urgent need. And all this we achieve with maximum efficiency.

We tell you the main advantages of the urgent messaging of Asmen – Tipsa Valencia:

What differentiates us from other courier companies in Valencia? Simply, we care about studying the needs of our customers and offer a personalized service designed for your benefit. So we have the following advantages:

  • Direct service of express delivery. A service intended for deliveries to the peninsular level that can not wait.
  • Management service for companies. The client gives us the right to carry out the procedures on their behalf. So you do not have to worry about any kind of documentation. From Asmen – Tipsa Valencia we manage everything.
  • Fixed messenger. One of the services most demanded by companies. Since the same person always serves the shipments of a certain company. One of the benefits that most often like, since the personalized treatment brings a lot of value and tranquility to the client.
  • Emergency luggage assistance service. We ship luggage urgently to the place of destination, without any risk of loss.
  • Urgent service of removals or transfers. An exclusively thought service and suitable for long distance transfers. Of course, guaranteeing the delivery of the cargo, because we guarantee that there is no possibility of loss.

Control your shipment

From here you can track your order online.

More than 20 years guarantee the quality and professionalism that the Asmen – Tipsa Valencia service offers. For more information, we provide you with contact information:

Phone 963 841 063

Address: Polygon Alqueria del Moret – C / Sequia de Rascanya, 32 46210 Picanya

Email: asmen@asmen.es

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