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May 24 2019

International Shipping for Ecommerce

International shipments at the price of local shipments? Is that possible?

Yes. Because our goal is to help our customers to establish their products in international markets via e-commerce, saving the greatest existing barrier.

The high cost of an international shipment.

For this, we have Partners in different countries that act as destinations for our clients’ logistics operators and allow us to offer local shipping prices in International destinations.

Our service

We are the perfect ally to move your ecommerce, we take care of the entire process in the countries in which we operate:

  • Receipt, storage and stock control.
  • Picking, packing and labeling.
  • Shipping, monitoring and control of incidents.

Where do we operate?

Service currently available for:

  • Spain (including Islands)
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Holland
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

What we offer?

A service tailored to the client, we have the necessary structure to handle all the services that encompass ecommerce.

  • Development of online sales platform.
  • Positioning of the web in the country of destination.
  • Shipment of the product to our central stores in each country.
  • Picking, packing and labeling of shipments.
  • B2C Transportation (Company to Recipient).
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Stock control.
  • Reporting of status of shipments, stocks …


  1. Possibility of selling cash on delivery: Payment of refunds from Spain.
  2. Reduction of delivery times: We deliver in 24 / 48h. in the destination countries.
  3. Stock control in all countries.
  4. Differential quality service: Specific call center in each country.
  5. Outsource processes.

Our international shipping proposal

Allow our clients to grow in the international market at national costs.

We put at your disposal a wide potential market of millions of consumers who can buy their products and make their sales grow exponentially. The success of working internationally at national costs … our priority is that you only think of having the best product … we will do the rest!

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