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Jul 27 2017

Shipment of luggage at home

The shipment of luggage at home is one of the most comfortable services that Asmen Valencia offers.

You pack your suitcase, Asmen takes you

So, with those words, define the travel comparator Liligo to Asmen. This comparator has a famous blog, known by all Internet users with the name “Traveler’s Magazine”. It is a reference blog for all those people who want to travel to some part of the world. Here, you can find tips on what to visit, where to go, or even what to do with your luggage. Of the latter, Asmen is responsible.

With Asmen, your luggage at home

With Asmen – Tipsa Valencia, you will travel light and stop worrying about your luggage. Gone are the days of losing suitcases, or taking another by mistake. Now, you can send your bags to the destination you want privately, thus having the guarantee that they will arrive correctly within 24 hours and without any risk of getting lost along the way. The cost of the service will depend on the weight; the more kilograms, the higher the price.

The trips are to enjoy them, and with Asmen, you will double it.

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