Apr 22 2017

How many types of transports companies are there?

The world of transport is divided into many areas, so according to the needs and the type of product to be transported, the customer will choose for some service or other. Now, we will show you the different types of transport:

1 – Marine transport

It’s the most used mode of transport to move goods. It’s mainly used for large shipments at international level; in fact, it’s the mode of transport used by import and export companies because it allows to move many goods with relatively inexpensive costs. However, this type of transport of long distance is slow.

2 – Air transport

The great advantage is the possibility of transporting goods to far areas in short periods of time. This makes that distances is not a problem for companies, but the unique inconvenience is the high costs of taxes and customs charges. This transport is suitable to send urgent goods with very valuable character, provided it isn’t very high loads.

3 – Ground transportation

It’s the type of transport par excellence, because it is economic, fast and very practical. It allows to transport large quantities of merchandise, in short periods of time and without very high costs. The most used vehicles are vans and the railroad for national transport, and motorcycles for urban transport or transport with urgent character.

4 – Urgent transport services

There are companies specialized in offering to customers express delivery. The urgency of these deliveries makes the costs a little higher, so it is only recommended to use them when dealing with very specific cases where time is of the essence.

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