Trust has to be gained

Our philosophy is still to value the quality of the service and human relations against the maelstrom of price wars that occur in the sector. We firmly believe that listening to the needs of our clients and designing the most appropriate service for them allows us to continue gaining ourselves the trust that has become our slogan and for which we work every day. Facing the large corporations that seem completely impersonal, we offer ourselves as a human team available to resolve the logistical problems of our clients, and with the strong conviction that together we will always be capable of confronting any issue.

Services and locations

Asmen is a company specialised in express integral transport services located in Spain, Portugal and Germany. After more than 25 years, Asmen has been positioned as the leader of courier companies in Valencia thanks to the support of Tipsa Valencia, being one of the companies that has experienced the biggest growth over the last few years. In addition, we offer national and international logistics services adapted to the needs of the client both in terms of price and time. We guarantee you a fast and secure service with all the necessary technological innovations in classification, handling and shipment tracking. But above all, what differentiates us is our team of professionals that work with the care, attention and organisation that your shipments need.

Garantía del servicio Asmen


Certified quality

Asmen – Tipsa Valencia has been one of the first companies in the sector to count on three stamps that guarantee the quality of all our processes (ISO 9001), the respect and commitment to the environment (ISO 14001) and the strict compliance with occupational safety standards (OHSAS 18001).

Corporate social responsibility

At Asmen, with our profound corporative values, we are committed to society. We collaborate with charities dedicated to safeguarding groups that require protection, while simultaneously implementing processes developed to have the lowest social and environmental impact.

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