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Aug 15 2019

The logistics market is maintained in the 2nd quarter of 2019

The second quarter of 2019 continues with the good numbers registered by the logistics market in the beginning of 2019. However, this growth tune has been affected by a change in the trend in the demand for real estate for logistics activities. Customers are looking for smaller but closer ships.

Logistic market of smaller size

According to a recent study, between April and June the number of real estate operations for logistics activities has increased in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Although, on the other hand, the logistics area contracted in these cities has decreased. Despite the current situation, the logistics market is very active with a total contracting of 117,006m² of logistics area in Barcelona. The first quarter reached 228,752m², but we appreciate an increase in the number of operations, from 15 to 17.

Less surface and better located

The decrease in surface area in demand translates into a change in preferences also for logistics operators. Until now they were focusing on the first crown of Madrid and facilities for the last mile. And both represent a logistics market, usually smaller in area. It is estimated that more than 75% of operations in the second quarter are less than 10,000m². In Barcelona, ​​the contracting has exceeded 100,000m² and the cumulative figure for the semester is 345,758m².

A good store is a treasure and Asmen has the one you need

Receiving products in a warehouse is a process with a protocol to follow. Before the arrival of the product you have to verify the order and verify that the items received match those in the documents.

When the products have been received, they will be checked and inspected for quality, and whether or not it conforms to the conditions stipulated in the sales contract. Once inspected, the merchandise is repalletized and the internal codes of the warehouse are assigned, transporting it to its corresponding location.

During the product management, the picking process begins to separate a load unit from the set of products. The purpose is to constitute the corresponding unit for the client, packing it properly for later shipment.

As a logistics company in Valencia, Asmen takes great care of the entire process, in addition to having a transport division that makes direct delivery to the customer possible.

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