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Sep 17 2018

E-commerce and companies

The booming E-commerce sale

Did you just join the E-commerce business? Without a doubt, it is a very successful option. Since more and more, all of us consume more products and services over the Internet. So our consumption habits vary and take hold. According to the 2018 Consumer Habits study of PwC Spain, online purchases account for 10% of total purchases from retail sales. A figure that has been growing year after year. So having a good online presence is essential for each company.

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of selling E-commerce is the possibility of buying any product or service, at any time, from anywhere. Even from any device. Since the user knows that he can get his product in just 24 hours, in addition to paying it safely. The E-commerce philosophy is based on the product at just one click.

The study also values ​​the great importance that the real opinions of other users take. So social networks are an essential means of communication and, in some cases, sales. Since it inspires and ends purchase processes.

E-commerce and companies

Therefore, companies must give electronic commerce the importance it has, and observe its potential depending on each business. Even today, many businesses are limited to selling online. As well as, there are shops that have exclusive limited offers for sale online.

Thus, during this whole process, it is essential to work on communication bases and sales channels, such as:

Creation of web page and communication channels.
Good customer service.
Offer a secure form of payment.
Have a trusted courier company, that is, a distribution company.
In Asmen we have experience with the sale of E-commerce, so we offer the E-commerce service, with the main advantages:

Website positioning in different countries.
Stock storage and control.
Picking, packing, labeling.
Transportation and shipment tracking.
Here you can get more complete information about our national E-commerce and International E-commerce service. Join online sale! Contact us.

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