Dec 27 2018

The ecommerce is set in the food

Food products are the new frontier to cross through e-commerce or ecommerce, which has marked the consumption of perishable products. In this product segment trust is very important, and in Asmen we know that trust is earned.

Unstoppable Trend

In the last official study of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, we observe how the online food channel has already reached 10%. An important growth, if we add to this data that hypermarkets (3.6%) and traditional food stores (7.6%) have declined. Online consumers of these products are people located in urban areas and with an age under 55 years of age.

Therefore, the upward trend in the use of ecommerce for food products is confirmed.

Cold logistics, our specialty

Electronic commerce, oriented to food, needs a cold distribution to grow. That is, transport at controlled temperature and Supply Chain indicates that the registrations of this type of vehicles has risen.

In Asmen we transport perishable products with our specific transport division: Transfrías.
A cold transport and logistics fleet, prepared to cover the entire national territory. And we do it with a positioning margin for the maximum charge of 2 hours. An emergency service available 24 hours, every day of the year.

In Asmen we help you with your E-commerce

From Asmen we offer a complete national and international E-commerce service. And there are already hundreds of customers who have trusted our company.

We offer the possibility of managing all the e-commerce processes of your business:

  1. We manage to control the stock.
  2. We handle orders that occur through your website.
  3. That they reach their destination without incident.

We know that in this type of products, every minute counts. That is why we design an ‘ad hoc’ logistics that fits the needs of each client. Contact us and find out without obligation here.

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