E-commerce de Asmen
Dec 07 2017

Make your business grow with Asmen’s E-commerce

Multiple entrepreneurs can benefit from the advantages offered by Asmen’s E-commerce. You can start your business from scratch on the Internet with the right tools and providers. Or, if you already have a physical store that produces benefits and you want to expand more, you can launch your product to the international market.

In the end, you just need an idea, a good product and a computer to do your work, nothing more. We take care of the whole process.

We launch your product to the international market

  • We create a web page and position it in the different countries of sale.
  • We provide an adequate storage space and stock control.
  • We take care of picking, packing and labeling.
  • One of the great advantages: we reduce the shipping cost to the maximum. We ship internationally at local prices.
  • There is even the possibility of payment against reimbursement from Spain. For what the final consumer buys safely and confidently.
  • We reduce delivery times with a maximum time of 24 / 48h in the country of destination.
  • Finally, we manage and control the stock in all countries.
  • Consult more advantages of the Asmen International E-commerce in the services of the website.
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