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Oct 04 2018

E-commerce in Spain

E-commerce or electronic commerce is in a constant process of growth. So more and more businesses that develop 100% of their professional activity through the online medium. Although other businesses, bet on a partial sale of stock in the online medium.

What do we buy on the Internet?

Today we can buy virtually any product or service through the Internet. From an eraser to the most sensory experience. But what have been the most demanded products during this 2018? There are buying trends regarding some specific products or seasons.

That is why we have gone to the research carried out by the Cetelem Observatory. And by consulting several of its annual reports we can verify that for five years, there has been an increase of more than 20% per year in commerce through online platforms.

Some information about E-commerce

According to these investigations, the products that are most demanded are directly linked to fashion. Clothing, shoes and accessories are the products that move most in this sector. However, not only can you focus your eyes on them, as technological devices gain a large space within the online world. First or second hand, there are thousands and thousands of purchases and sales that occur every day.

And, of course, we cannot forget about services. Since as we have said, not only products are exchanged, but leisure services, coupons and transport tickets are also in high demand through the digital medium. Therefore, electronic commerce offers the possibility of selling to all types of companies and sectors.

In Asmen we help you with your E-commerce

From Asmen we offer a complete national and international E-commerce service. And there are already hundreds of customers who have trusted our company.

We offer the possibility of managing all the e-commerce processes of your business. In this way, we not only take care of controlling the stock, but also take care that the orders that are produced through your online portal and that they reach their destination without incident.

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