Feb 07 2018

The E-commerce made easy

In Asmen we have experienced the rise of E-commerce and, with it, the rise of online sales companies. So we developed a broad service specifically focused on covering all the needs of this type of business: the sale in the international market.

The fundamental pillars of our service are the quality of execution and adaptation to new technologies. So, after having strategic partners and creating a powerful infrastructure, we launched a service in which, to this day, we have years of experience.

Much of the success of this service is that Asmen takes care of the entire process, so the customer only has to worry about their product. The main aspects that Asmen develops in the process are:

  • Web positioning in different countries.
  • Storage and stock control.
  • Picking, packing and labeling.
  • Transport and shipment tracking.

Also, there are many traditional customers who have joined the online sale and we have been able to advise them from the first moment, making an impeccable distribution of their product. We have provided the necessary technical means so that the client can offer an additional and profitable service for your company.

The advantages of your E-commerce business

The advantages offered by the Asmen International E-commerce service are several.

First, we achieved a great reduction in the cost of transportation, thanks to our strategic partners. So an international shipment is made at local shipping cost.

In addition, our structure allows us to offer the form of payment against reimbursement. That offers a greater comfort for the final customer.

We also deliver the package in 24/48 hours from when the order is placed. At the moment we receive the exit order, we execute the shipment.

Finally, and very importantly, our warehouses are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure the good condition and control of the goods. From Spain we have control of each merchandise and we report it weekly to the customer, so we establish optimal stock levels.

Do you have any questions about our service? Do not hesitate to inform us by contacting us through the form or by calling directly on +34 963 841 063.

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