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Apr 12 2019

Customer service in urgent courier

In the field of urgent messaging there are many factors that come into play to offer a quality service and adapted to the needs of the client. Customer service is perhaps one of the forgotten, but nevertheless plays a fundamental and differential role among courier companies in Valencia.

For both a large and small customer, everyone deserves a personalized contact when hiring an express courier service. Many companies suffer problems with their shipments and the only response they receive if there is an anomaly is the following:

“You can contact customer service and with the incident number you will then get the corresponding follow-up.”

In Asmen we know that trust is earned, and this is something that the customer places for their shipments in an urgent courier company, especially if it is international transport. The action of a shipment arriving on time can be critical for a company and its customers. An error in the express courier service could lead to a production break. The express transport sector must always seek the highest quality and excellence in service.

In urgent messaging there is no margin for error

It is true that to obtain the highest quality and excellence, no mistake should be made. But the reality is that there are situations in which they occur. At that time, customer service is essential. If an incident occurs, how it is managed and how long it is resolved greatly influences the client’s trust. And as trust is gained, we will expose why Asmen differs from other urgent courier companies in Valencia.

  • Customer service must be contemplated from human resources and company hours. For example, with Critical Service we have the infrastructure and the technical and professional team, available 24 hours / 365 days, so that, whatever the need, the logistics solution is provided with full efficiency. While some call it premium attention, for us it is the attention that the challenge needs.
  • Control of information on the status of shipments. It is essential that in the customer service department they have everything they need to know and solve possible incidents. Connect origin and destination ensuring success in delivery. Even in urgent international transport with the handicap that language and customs pose.

The human factor in customer service

  • We are on your side, from the other side. We live surrounded by clients with bad past experiences with other transport companies in Valencia. Added costs and customer service that does not act quickly enough. The stereotype presents us with a client that listens to canned music with a message “all our agents are busy”. Customers are then frustrated thinking that if they are so busy, it is because they have many incidents with their customers. Then, it is the employees who have to resolve the conflict in front of angry customers. Every element in customer service is important, from the waiting time to the duration of the calls.
  • Human vs Machine. This process has been taking place in the customer service of courier companies in Valencia for several years. We must not oppose all the advantages that technology offers us to manage customer service among all incoming calls. The focus should be on appreciating the utility it has for the customer. The human being needs to talk to human beings. Especially when faced with a critical situation and urgent messaging, empathy is required. Listen to resolution guarantees that convey real help. The difference is marked and trust is gained.
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