Asmen-Tipsa Valencia
Jun 27 2018

Asmen-Tipsa in the heart of Valencia

On June 25 we inaugurated a new Asmen-Tipsa delegation in the heart of the city of Valencia. This store is located on Calle Navarro Reverter, near the central street of Colón, with the impulse to follow our business values, and facilitate the logistics of courier and parcel service in Valencia.

Messaging in Valencia closer to you

At Asmen-Tipsa Valencia we are committed to constantly covering and adapting to the needs of our clients. Therefore, we are committed to growing in the heart of Valencia, to improve and facilitate a professional courier service aimed at both companies and individuals.

Precisely, the coverage of the service is the secret to reach any corner, quickly and efficiently. So, with this new opening, we want to promote closeness and improve customer service even more, offering a more personal treatment.

The best messaging for your company

The service of Asmen-Tipsa Valencia ensures quality service in Valencia, now reinforcing especially the most central area of ​​the city.

The main objective is to bring our integral service, to individuals or establishments located in the center, providing value. Since some of these establishments can improve the quality of their services, thanks to our location and logistics management. Among others, restaurants and shops can benefit and use our service directly to send fresh products quickly.

Do you have a logistical need to solve? An urgency to solve? In Asmen-Tipsa Valencia we offer you services of collection and / or parcel delivery, providing a management of personal messaging.

Visit us in Valencia

We are fully aware that closeness and understanding with our clients is the basis of trust. If you have any questions, contact us to inform you of the new services we offer in the center of Valencia.

Asmen - Tipsa Valencia mensajeros

Asmen - Tipsa Valencia mensajeros

Asmen - Tipsa Valencia mensajeros

Asmen - Tipsa Valencia mensajeros

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