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Jun 23 2017

You choose the destination, Asmen – Tipsa take your orden

As an individual or as a business, whether it is an envelope or a bulky package, everyone needs in some occasion to make a shipment urgently. For this reason, you must know the urgent services of Asmen, a professional courier agency to trust this type of deliveries.

Make your express delivery with Asmen

As specialist in managing express delivery, we offer the following services:

  • Direct service of express delivery for peninsular deliveries.
  • Management service for companies: the client gives us all the right to make the paperwork on their behalf. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Fixed messenger: the same person always takes care of your business shipments; this is one of the features that they usually mostly like.
  • Special service with the possibility of securing the shipments: highly recommendable when the shipments have a value items. For this reason, we offer the service of a bag for frequent shipments and air service for international deliveries.
  • Urgent luggage assistance: you can send your luggage to a private destination, without any risk of loss.
  • Urgent service of removals or transfers, a very useful service when it comes to long distance transfers, because there is no possibility of loss. The cost of the service depends on the weight: the more kilograms, the more prices.
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