Asmen Critical
Dec 14 2017

Asmen Critical, the new service that solves unforeseen events

Asmen Critical is the new service that Asmen incorporates into your company. Although there are many cases that have resolved successfully. It is a special service based on a logistic solution to the time and day that the client needs. It is as simple as giving an urgent and precise answer to the problem that has just occurred.

There are already many customers who have trusted the Asmen experience and have requested this service. What makes the company more proud is to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. This service is aimed at the day-to-day problems of so many different clients. It is a challenge for the company, but Asmen can already boast of solving numerous cases.

We have the necessary resources

According to the President of the company, Luis Frías: “We have the infrastructure, the human team and the mentality necessary to offer this new service with guarantees”.

The need of our client, is our challenge, a new line that we will strengthen. We have the motivation of the entire human team. And, in addition, we have the technical and material means more than enough to cover this need.

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