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Jun 14 2019

Summer, the key station of cold transport

Summer is just around the corner, there are only 7 days left to make it official. And although its effect is delayed every year more, the rise in temperatures is something we can always expect. This serious change in the thermostat influences the maintenance of the “cold chain” and cold transport.

Cold transport in hot weather

To maintain the temperature of food, plants, flowers or medicines in transport, there are different variables to consider. One of them is the characteristics of the vehicle, since we can find them equipped with a refrigerating equipment, or be a “refrigerant” vehicle. The refrigeration equipment of a vehicle works like a traditional refrigerator, while the refrigerant is a vehicle that functions as a cold accumulator in itself.

Someone outside the sector would see the refrigeration equipment as the most logical option due to its proximity to its concept. However, the refrigerant vehicle has an advantage in summer that continues to provide cold when it is stopped.

The cooling capacity necessary for cold transport

The cooling capacity is the most important figure that should be checked so as not to break the cold chain. This is measured in watts and courier companies in Valencia cannot decide how much they use. This measure indicates the watts that the vehicle is able to give to the food, plant or medication while it is being transported throughout the journey. The calculation of the watts to be applied is included in its own legislation, the Perishable Transport Agreement (ATP).

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