transporte en frío
Nov 30 2017

How is Asmen’s Cold Transport?

Emergency Transport in Spain is one of the last services incorporated in Asmen. This fleet specialized in refrigerated transport, under the name Transfrías, is active and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A service with ad hoc logistics, that is, a transport tailored to each client, complying with the established time. Asmen’s refrigerated transport fleet covers the entire national territory. So it is a service increasingly demanded by our customers.

We solve your urgency

Without going any further, during the month of November, many urgent services have been carried out, many of them during the night. Specifically, in one of these services, we transport the refrigerated order to Barcelona and Seville in record time. Ensuring delivery at the agreed time.

Once again, our commitment to the client is demonstrated. At Asmen we want to continue growing together with our more than 600 international clients. The best guarantee of our experience.

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