mensajería urgente valencia
May 14 2019

The core of urgent messaging in Valencia

When we talk about express courier in Valencia, it is understood as an immediate delivery / collection service in the city of Valencia and towns in the periphery. Each service is performed exclusively for the client who requests it. But we cannot forget a very important part of the service …

Our parcel couriers Valencia

Our messengers, duly uniformed and identified, are coordinated by the Traffic department. This department of Asmen is responsible for assigning the services in the most optimal and effective way. In addition, they notify the customer of any eventuality related to their delivery or collection. That is, an absence of the recipient or an error in the address, in order to solve it immediately.

The basis is human relationships

Pick up and deliver. These are the actions that are carried out daily for all types of people in companies, institutions and in the particular field. Transporting things of all kinds is a great job that we love and take pride in.

Urgent messaging in Valencia requires responsibility

The world of logistics is a big responsibility. Many people depend on what we transport to do their job, many times they need it urgently and that requires not being in uncertainty and knowing that they can count on it. You can not promise. We must comply. Day by day and month after month. This is how trust is gained. With facts.

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