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Feb 28 2019

Avoid delays in your shipments with Asmen – Tipsa

Demand for urgent shipments grows

Given the trends for this 2019 in the courier companies in Valencia, it is logical that many of them offer you an express delivery service in Valencia. The problem we see is that few customers receive a complete and professional service in their shipments.

In Asmen – Tipsa Valencia we put at your disposal an infrastructure that will allow you to enjoy an exceptional quality, at an appropriate price and no matter how urgent your shipment is.

What can be considered urgent? Any delivery in the peninsula that can not wait any longer, the shipment of a baggage to arrive urgently and without risks or for example, removals or transfers with the guarantee that you will not lose anything. From here you can track your order online.

We like challenges

There are times when your problem is so big that an urgent shipment is small. Our answer? Critical Service


Critical Service is our service with availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With it you will have an exclusive vehicle for you, you can even choose it with controlled temperature. In addition, the service has a specialized person to help you in the management of the service and its control. Sometimes when a shipment is received the issuer takes a few hours to learn of its reception that are vital. Therefore, in Critical Service upon delivery, the customer receives an immediate confirmation.

After 20 years of experience living in urgent situations, we are very happy to offer this service for the most unexpected situations.

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