Empresa de mensajería
Mar 01 2017

It is the same a messenger company than a transport company?

Not really. The courier company is authorized to carry out collection and delivery using only motorcycles and light vehicles of less than 2TN payload, which significantly limits the type and scope of the services they can offer. Meanwhile, transport companies such as Asmen, have a wide range and type of vehicles with capacity to perform almost any service to almost anywhere.

Asmen, your transport and logistics agency

Asmen is part of the Tipsa network, which allows you to deliver throughout the Spanish and insular territory. Abroad, we also have other collaborating companies that allow us to provide service in European countries.

Our second major area of ​​activity focuses on integral logistics. We have perfectly equipped facilities to adapt to the needs of each client. We offer the following advantages:

• Possibility to store merchandise in our warehouses.

• Small external stores to manage the products.

• Marketing stores from which to execute direct marketing actions.

• Warehouses for the management and preparation of online sales order.

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