Critical Service
Feb 08 2018

Critical Service, logistics for critical situations

In the field of messaging and logistics there is no margin for delays or time forks. An envelope with documentation or 1,000kg of perishable product must be collected and delivered on time. So the concept of urgent is everyday and part of the DNA of Asmen professionals.

What happens in exceptional situations in which the level of urgent is too small? They are usually unforeseen situations in which the response not only has to be fast, but absolutely accurate. No margin for error and perfectly adapted to the needs of the client.

After more than 20 years of experience, and as a national reference in integral logistics, Asmen has experienced many of these situations of this type. Tantas, who has developed a novel and exclusive logistic service for these situations: Critical Service.

Your problem is our challenge

Critical Service is the comprehensive response that Asmen offers for exceptional and complex cases. Either by the extreme urgency, by the dimensions of the product, by its fragility, or value and weight.

Critical Service is a service available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. That is, a 365-day service that has the following basic characteristics:

National coverage

Exclusive vehicle for each client, with or without controlled temperature.
Interlocutor at a national level for the management and control of the service.
Confirmation of immediate delivery.
The President of Asmen, Luis Frías, very excited and focused on this new project, summarizes the service: “Critical Service is a special service that can provide a logistic solution to the time and day that the client needs”. Asmen intervenes when an unforeseen event arises and provides an urgent and accurate response.

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